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Decided to place all my sales into one big post.
It's too troublesome to update multiple posts at
[ profile] pullip_sales
To my f-list who's not into dolls, you can skip this part because what I hoard may weird or freak you out.

Most of these items are rarely or never used.
All my items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home. ^_^

If you message me, please make sure your privacy setting is set to public otherwise I would not be able to contact you.
I accept Paypal only.

I have 100% seller feedback on ebay.

My ebay feedback is here.
I also have Dolly Market feedback and just started an LJ Feedback.
My Paypal is Australian verified, so all price quoted is in Australian Dollars.
I'm not looking for trades.
Thanks for your time!

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